While we're good at a lot of things, we subcontract many services from other industry professionals in Alaska who are the true experts in their field. Below is a list of some of the common services we subcontract to assist with successful project completion.

Traffic Control Services


For work in the Right of Way, we subcontract professional traffic control services to keep our crews and the public out of harms way.

Helicopter Support


We routinely subcontract helicopter services, be it for external load long-line support or simply personnel movement.

Offshore Vessel Support


If offshore drilling is what you need, we know the right people to call for offshore vessel support.

Tree Clearing Services


Large scale tree clearing for site access and helicopter landing zone clearing are also services we subcontract.

Remote Site Support


Camp, logistical, and extreme remote site support is another service we subcontract for the really challenging project locations.

Borehole Preclearence


If subsurface utilities are a concern, we subcontract a variety of services to help mitigate that risk. Everything from GPR to Vactor services.