Right Tool for the Job

Our vast equipment fleet encompasses everything from large, powerful CME rotary drills, to smaller, limited access and heliportable drills. No matter the scope of work project location, chances are we have the right drill rig for the job.


Well Maintained Equipment with Fleet Redundancy

Our equipment maintenance program is meticulously managed by Donny Paik, Discovery's Shop Foreman and Lead Mechanic. Our goal is to provide our clients with superior equipment which is well maintained and safe to operate. We typically have a large stock of equipment and part redundancy on hand, and pride ourselves on minimizing equipment downtime.


Drill Methods and Tooling Options

Alaska is a pretty big State with quite the variety of subsurface geology. For that reason, we field a wide range of downhole tooling and sampling equipment to ensure our Clients get the information they need in the most efficient way possible. Below is a list of the more common drilling and sampling methods we use. You can also download an Equipment Brochure from the link below for a detailed look at our equipment fleet.

Drill Methods and Tooling Options

Commonly used drilling methods and tooling options

- Hollow Stem Augers (2 1/4" ID, 3 1/4" ID, 4 1/4" ID, 6 1/4" ID, 8 1/4" ID, 10 1/4" ID)

- Solid Flight Augers

- Split Spoons (SPT driven with a 140# hammer and NPT driven with a 340# hammer)

- Air Rotary Tools (standard down-hole hammers, casing advancing systems)

- Direct Push Tooling (MC5, MC7, DT35, DT45)

- CME Continuous Core System (for 3 1/4" and 4 1/4" hollow stem augers)

- Conventional and Wireline Diamond Coring (AQ, BQ, NQ, NQ3, HQ, HQ3)

- Discreet Water Sampling Equipment (SP-16, Hydropunch)

- Shelby Tubes

- Piston Samplers



Equipment Brochure (pdf)