Our Systematic Approach to Safety


Safety at Discovery Drilling is Paramount

We believe that every task should be completed safely, or not at all. There is always time to evaluate a process to ensure all hazards and associated risks have been identified and controlled.

Our team has been trained to recognize hazards, assign associated risks to hazards, and finally develop and implement controls to mitigate these risks. We take pride in being safety leaders, whether here at our shop, or when in a field environment. Our goal is to ensure everyone involved with our projects goes home safe. Our work will be completed safely, or not at all!

Using Controls for Risk Mitigation


Administrative Controls

We use administrative controls to change human behavior, preventing accidents before they happen. This could be something as simple as a warning placard or safety data sheet, or a more in-depth training evolution.


Personal Protective Equipment

The last line of defense in protecting a worker, PPE is an important part of our ability to work safely. We require all of our team members, and anyone working with us at a project site, to wear the appropriate PPE for the task (generally Level D).


Engineering Controls

This is our primary tool for keeping our team safe. By "engineering out" potential hazards, we can often completely eliminate them and their associated risks. An example could be as simple as placing a "whip check" between two air line connections to prevent a potential injury if the lines were to separate. We continually evaluate our equipment and procedures, developing and implementing engineering controls to further make our work as safe as possible.


Safety Training Our Team Receives

We maintain a substantial amount of training for everyone who works at Discovery Drilling, and bring that knowledge to the job site. Our goal is to function interdependently with respect to safety is all aspects of our work. Instead of looking out for the safety of one's self, we pledge to look out for the safety of everyone on the jobsite. Here is a list of just some of the training our team receives:

Hazardous Waste Operations

Otherwise known as HAZWOPER, our team all receives an initial 40-hour training evolution, and yearly 8-hour refresher courses.

First Aid, CPR, AED

All Discovery field crews receive a full First Aid, CPR, and AED course with a resulting certificate awarded by the American Heart Association. Certification is renewed every 2 years.

Medical Monitoring

All employees are medically monitored via HAZWOPER Physicals and DOT Physicals to ensure our team is fit to perform their duties.

Risk Management

Our team is trained to recognize hazards and associated risks, and then develop controls to either mitigate the risk or remove the hazard completely.

General Industry Training

We supply our team with a wide range of supplemental training to support safe work practices for all of their work functions. Things like forklift safety, HAZMAT shipping, and defensive driving to name a few.

And Much, Much More

MSHA Training, Helicopter and Long Line Slinging Safety, Bear Safety, Ice Safety and Self Recovery, Site Specific Training, Railroad Safety, Physical Hazards Training, Safe Crane & Boom Operation, and much more.