Fast Acquisition of Data


Using the state of the art NOVA CPT Cones, we can quickly and efficiently collect in-situ measurements of subsurface soil properties. In a single push, CPT provides Soil Classification, Tip Resistance, Sleeve Friction, Pore Pressure, and Friction Ratio. We've collected over 600 feet of data in a single shift, with minimal ground disturbance.

Seismic Options


Seismic CPT Testing can also be applied when advancing the cone, collecting shear wave velocity measurements. This data can be used to evaluate many factors, including liquefaction risks, earthquake generated ground surface movements, foundations for vibrating equipment, and behavior of offshore structures due to wave loading.

CPT Done Right with 20CPT Press


The 20CPT Press from Geoprobe Systems is a tower that affixes to any of our standard 6712DT drill rigs. Its self anchoring design uses a side clamping system to ensure that you can generate 40,000 lbs of down pressure without the rig "pushing back" and minimizing rod flex. We are currently the only company in Alaska that fields this technology.


Geoprobe 20CPT Press

Geoprobe's 20CPT Press was designed to perform CPT the right way. The 20CPT tower simply affixes to any of our Geoprobe 6712DT's, and was built by Geoprobe specifically for CPT operations. Even with a 40,000 lbs drill rig, you can never generate that much down pressure unless the rig was anchored to the earth. The 20CPT Press solves this dilemma by advancing two helical anchors into the subsurface prior to the CPT push. Once anchored, 100% of the machines 40,000 lbs of downforce can be applied to the toolstring; this is enough downforce to guarantee probe advancement, or display appropriate refusal in geology which is not amiable to CPT.

The 20CPT Press also uses a side clamping method for advancing the cone instead of a traditional top-down push. This greatly reduces rod flex and gives the operator a much more accurate feel for the geology's resistance while advancing the probe. Furthermore, the mast is calibrated to advance the probe at the industry standard of two centimeters per second, ensuring all your data is collected at the same rate.

In short, the 20CPT Press and highly advanced NOVA CPT Cone are the tools you want to properly advance CPT in Alaska. 

Geoprobe 20CPT Press OVerview