Geotechnical Drilling Services

We provide a wide range of drilling services to assist our Clients with the collection of quality subsurface samples. The majority of our drills are equipped with automatic drop-hammers capable of driving standard 1.5" SPT split spoons with a 140# weight. We can also run the larger 3.0" split spoons with a 340# hammer when subsurface materials are of a larger variety. 

We typically collect samples by advancing 3-1/4" ID hollow stem augers, and routinely advance to depths of 100+ feet below grade. We also field a multitude of other means of borehole advancement to collect SPT samples when hollow stem augers are not feasible or inefficient. Some examples are air rotary, mud rotary, and casing advancement systems. 

We also stock a wide range of other sampling tools to assist with geotechnical investigations such as Shelby Tubes, CME Continuous Sampling, Piston Samplers, and a variety of Direct Push sampling tools to name a few.

For bedrock drilling we field diamond bit rock coring tools (typically NQ or HQ with triple tube options) as well as down-the-hole hammers. We provide further data with packer systems and downhole cameras to supplement the data you receive from rock drilling.


Environmental Drilling Services

We employ a large variety of tooling options to assist with environmental soil sampling. Our Clients routinely request one of our many direct push options to minimize the amount of IDW generated during drilling procedures. We carry the majority of Geoprobe's direct push tooling options and discrete water sampling tools as well. If direct push is not an option due to subsurface geology, we commonly advance 4-1/4" hollow stem augers for environmental soil sampling. This larger annulus allows for the quality installation of groundwater monitoring wells at borehole completion. Wells of varying sizes can also be installed by direct push methods in geologically appropriate areas, providing a cost savings in the form of greatly reduced IDW generation.

Monitoring well decommissioning, well repair, and well rehabilitation are also services we routinely provide as well. 


Instrumentation Installation

We are well versed in the installation of many types of downhole instruments. Although not all inclusive, below is a list of commonly installed instruments:

  • Groundwater Monitoring Wells
  • Piezometers
  • Thermistors
  • Inclinometers
  • Vapor Probes
  • Air Sparge wells
  • Slope Indicator
  • Discrete Groundwater Sampling

We have many options for instrument installation depending on access and geological constraints. Give us a call and let us help you decide the best approach for your project needs! For detailed information, click the link below to be redirected to our Instruments Page.

Remedial Chemical Injection


injection of in-situ remediation chemicals and reagents

We have the drills, tools, pumps, and technical know-how to assist with your chemical remediation injection needs. We've completed many projects to supplement our environmental drilling services with the introduction of proprietary remediation chemicals and reagents into subsurface contamination.