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Alaska's Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling Experts


Services we Provide

From the North Slope to Southeast Alaska, and everywhere in-between, Discovery Drilling has the equipment, experience, and logistical and technical know-how to tackle the most challenging drilling projects that our great State has to offer. Our services range from geotechnical and environmental soil sampling, downhole instrument and monitoring equipment installation, Direct Imaging logging and field interpretation, custom tool fabrication, and a myriad of support services.


Well Maintained and Extensive Equipment Fleet

We field a large range of drilling platforms to cope with the widely varied geology and individual site constraints that Alaska offers. No matter where your project is, chances are that we have the right platform and downhole tooling to efficiently and safely execute your scope of work.


Operations, Management, and Drilling Staff

We staff a highly experienced and motivated team of over twenty industry professionals who strive to complete every job in a safe and efficient manner. Our Drillers, whose individual experience is often measured in decades, are supported by our Management and Operations Team 24/7.

Direct Imaging


LNAPL Fluorescence, Hydraulic Profiling, and Electronic Conductivity Logging with Geoprobe's Direct Imaging Tools.

Drill Rig Map


Our Drill Rig Map is updated weekly. It's a great tool to check in and see where our rigs are stationed for potential cost savings on mobilization fees.

Custom Fabrication


Need something created for a specific project purpose? Our experienced welders and fabricators have constructed many odd tools for odd jobs.



Safety is paramount at Discovery Drilling. We pride ourselves on setting the example for safe work practices and strive to continually evaluate and improve our procedures to ensure everyone comes home safe.

Downhole Instrumentation


We provide our clients with quality installations of a myriad of downhole testing and monitoring equipment. Click the link below for a detailed list of what we provide.

Support Services


We provide our clients with a lengthy list of supplemental support services to assist with project execution.

Subcontracted Services


We work closely with other Alaskan professionals to supply many subcontracted services such as traffic control, tree clearing, and remote site support. Click the link below for a detailed list.

The Discovery Blog


Check in here for updates, news, and maybe even a little humor. You can even subscribe to receive blog updates automatically.

Contact Us


Contact and general business information. All the ways to get a hold of us if you have questions or would like to request a price quote.

Fun, Interesting, and Old School Photos


Photo gallery of fun times at Discovery Drilling. We promise it's worth a visit!


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