Kyle Brown


President, Owner

Kyle started Discovery Drilling Inc back in 1984, acquiring his first drill rig and using a baby blue Volkswagen Rabbit as a support "truck". Starting from scratch, Kyle was the company's driller, mechanic, and accountant for the first six years or so. His hard work paid off, building the foundation for the successful business that is Discovery Drilling today. He has many years of geotechnical, environmental, and production core drilling under his belt. A true subject matter expert, Kyle is the bastion of knowledge and experience we all look to when a problem doesn't seem to have a solution. He is also an experienced fabricator, and when not in the office, he can be found in his shop building everything from brine chillers for refrigerated coring to environmental remediation systems.

Mark Terry


General Manager

Mark has nearly 40 years of experience in the drilling industry, covering all phases of drilling operations and management. His experiences range from winter time refrigerated coring in the Alaskan Interior, to serving as Vice President of a 100+ employee drilling firm in California. Mark is a licensed driller in the states of Oregon and Washington, and is an active member of the National Ground Water Association. Mark began working at Discovery Drilling in 1993, helping Kyle manage the day to day operations as the company continued to grow. He has become an integral part of Discovery Drilling, ensuring jobs are efficiently planned and executed, and maintaining a thorough oversight of every facet of the business. 

Keeter Brown


Vice President

Keeter began work at Discovery Drilling in 2010, after completing a 5 year enlistment in the United States Marine Corps as a Tactical Data Systems Technician. He is also a veteran of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. He helps manage every facet of the business, from operations and logistics, to client support. Keeter also took it upon himself to modernize the office environment at Discovery Drilling, and acts at the resident IT professional on top of his other duties. Keeter stays heavily involved with operational planning and coordination, and played a very large role in the success and efficiency of drilling operations in support of the Alaska Stand-Alone Pipeline project in 2014 and 2015. Furthermore, Keeter is also a Geoprobe trained Direct Imaging Specialist.

DJ Wardwell


Operations Manager, Driller

DJ spent 13 years in the United States Marine Corps as a Tactical Data Systems Technician, serving along side Keeter for several of these years. He is also a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Along with Keeter, he came to Alaska in 2010 and began working at Discovery Drilling shortly thereafter. DJ developed a passion for Geoprobes, incorporating them in ways that were previously thought of as unconventional. This ultimately resulted in the addition of several more Geoprobes to the company's roster. Although he can still be found in the field from time to time, he spends the majority of his days assisting Kyle, Mark, and Keeter with managing the business and operations. He also coordinates and implements training for the company's employees, and is a Geoprobe trained Direct Imaging Specialist.

Jennifer Aragon


Office Manager, Bookkeeper

Keeping us all in line since 2014, Jennifer has become a welcome addition to the Discovery Team. Her contagious positive attitude helps keep the stress of the office environment to a minimum, and she does a wonderful job of keeping Keeter's spirits up by pretending his jokes are funny. She manages and records the countless monetary day-to-day transactions, keeping the books in good order. Her duties include, but are certainly not limited to, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliations, keepin' it real, and whatever daily fires need to be put out around the office. 

Donny Paik


Shop Foreman, Lead Mechanic

Since beginning his employment at Discovery in 2010, Donny's talents as a maintenance manager, welder, fabricator, and mechanic have led to his promotion to the role of Shop Foreman and Lead Mechanic. Donny maintains a strict maintenance schedule on our entire equipment fleet, which is no small endeavor. Donny's tenacity and attention to detail play a key role in ensuring that all the equipment we field, from trucks to drill rigs, are thoroughly maintained and safe to operate.